A2 CLose-mic recording

A2 Close-mic recording


This is a production task. Merely copying the existing recording is not enough. You need to do your version of the song.

A multitrack digital recording of a piece of music using a balanced mixture of close-mic and DI techniques.

 It is to involve the use of at least 8 tracks.

 No sequenced tracks are to be included – all the material must be played by live musicians.

 The recording should be between 3 and 5 minutes long.

 It must involve the use of effects processing and the management of dynamics.

 You are expected to use over-dubbing and to spend considerable time on mixing down the tracks once they are recorded.


You cannot use your own compositions to record. Your track must be a commercially available (it must already exist in recorded form and be available in shops)


Examples of previous students A2 close-mic recordings: