Soul Patrol Are Winners!

Soul Patrol Are Winners!

Soul Patrol performed in the Music For Youth regional festival back in March, and were selected to perform at their Pop, Rock and Urban National Festival at the HMV Institute in Birmingham last night. Bands chosen from all over the country performed a 10 minute set in the 600 capacity venue, and at the end of the night professional feedback was given by the Music For Youth mentors. Soul Patrol played brilliantly, with new dance moves, audience participation, and an exciting vibe. They played three songs; ‘Lucky Man’, written by Liam Wade and sung by Robert Williams, ‘You Are The One’ written and performed by Bethia Mitchell, and ‘Don’t Say A Word’, written and sung by Liam Wade.

The two Music For Youth mentors gave excellent feedback, with nothing major to improve on, and the band achieved two of the four awards, one of three for song-writing, and the overall best performance certificate – a first for the festival!


‘Lucky Man’ – Great opening choreography! From your backing vocalists to your horns. You need to be well choreographed with that many of you! Fantastic commitment and energy across the whole stage. A great set opener. A hook laden opening tune.

‘You Are The One’ – A well handled switchover on main vocals. Even in the ballads keep your moves sharp!! Lovely horn playing – great to have the full range. Bari is lovely. Do you need 2 tambourines? Maybe a shaker or conga instead. Good stage arrangement with your solo mic up stage. Good soulful vocals.

‘Don’t Say A Word’ – Another very strong vocal performance with obvious natural showmanship. Great breakdown for your ‘jungle’ vibe. Fantastically tight sections. You are blessed with three excellent lead singers/front people. Super solid bass playing. Great control of the crowd.

Next Steps: Really small steps, however, how about refining your choreography – carefully think about your percussion. A great show!