Dance is taught by Ms Harmer (the Head of Dance) she is an experienced and enthusiastic Dance teacher.

At KS4 there is one group in both year ten and in year eleven, with approximately 25 students taking the GCSE exam each year.

At KS5 there is one group in both year twelve and in year thirteen, with approximately 5 students taking the AS and A2 exams each year.

Every year we have a high percentage of students that continue their Dance studies at University and at Performing Arts Colleges.

The department stages a dance showcase every year involving GCSE and A level students and provides opportunities for students across the school through the Robert Smyth Dance Company.

The department organises a number of Dance trips each year in order to broaden the students’ understanding and appreciation of contemporary Dance. These trips are open to Dance students and often to other interested students who may not be studying Dance at GCSE or A level.

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